Types of Roofing Shingles

Roofing for homes is a major cost, and the cost and material will determine what choice is made when looking at using shingle roofing.

There are a number of types of roofing supplies Birmingham shingles that are available.

  • Tile shingles have been used and have had a lasting period of up to fifty years. These types of tile are generally the most expensive, are also expensive to position on a roof, but have proved to be a long-lasting tile. However, these shingles require a strong and well supported roof.
  • Metal roofing is another type of material. It can either be galvanised metal shingles or metal sheets. Depending on the quality, it has the ability to continue to exist for up to fifty years. This product is suitable for steep roofs and flat type roofs.
  • One of the more popular choices of shingle is the asphalt product, and it is also economically priced. The thinner asphalt shingle is known as a three-tab, there is also the laminated and the architectural shingle. They have a life span of up to thirty years.
  • A hardy shingle a little less economically priced than the asphalt variety is the wooden shingle. Often made from hardwoods of the redwood or cedar varieties, it has the ability to prevail for around 30 years and has been known to last longer. These types of shingles do require a certain amount of maintenance.
  • Quarried slate shingles are very durable. They can subsist for up to fifty years and some older buildings with the correct maintenance have remained leak free after many years. There is a synthetic slate shingle available which is more suited to the budget conscious. This has a shorter lifetime but the appearance is similar.

As you can see there’s different types of shingles that you can consider when renovating your roof. Are you going to use any of these?

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