The Different Types of Senior Care

Depending on the type of care required for a senior citizen and the budget available to fund their care, there are several different choices. The most important features of the care and home for an elderly person must be comfort, safety and convenience. These are some of the different types of senior care available:

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are suited to elderly patients that need constant care or are seriously ill and can vary in size and styles. The facilities in nursing homes in Worthing and nationwide include around the clock supervision, nursing care, specialised care, social activities and rehabilitation programs.

Home Care

Home care and independent living communities are similar, the only difference being that the patient either stays at home or moves in to a community but is still independent. This type of care is suited to someone that is still fairly healthy and can take care of themselves on a daily basis. Care can come over to visit multiple times a day, once a day or several days per week. Depending on the elderly person’s strengths and weaknesses, the carer can help them with the more difficult tasks such as cleaning and shopping.

Continued Care Homes

Continued care homes are a hybrid type of facility that offers a range of services. In this type of home you can find skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living all in the same place. This is beneficial for patients that may progress over each level and can settle in properly to their new home without having to move from place to place.

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