Saving Money with an Off-Season Wedding

The biggest wedding season is during the warmer months of spring and the beginning of summer when the skies are blue and the flowers are in bloom. The beginning of spring and autumn are also popular as the landscape can look beautiful and the weather is not too cold. This means that between May and October, it is wedding season.

During the colder winter months ceremonies, receptions and even honeymoons can be found at much lower prices. Although some people dream of a winter wonderland wedding, it is not enough and wedding vendors are desperate for business. If you think you can handle a colder wedding then your savings can be significant compared to any other time of the year.

It is still possible to have your dream wedding during the winter. Venues and locations such as weddings Eastbourne will still look stunning when there is frost, fog or extreme winter weather conditions. Many venues will have covers for the winter and indoor rooms for the reception so it will be just as enjoyable and comfortable for your guests.

Searching for rings and dresses during the winter can also provide savings as the prices move up and down between the seasons. Only flowers that are in season during the winter will probably have to be purchased at a good price as others will have to be imported at a large cost, so take this in to consideration when booking your winter wedding.

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